Support the virtuous travel

To embark on a 100% Eco-Responsible project


Or, how to participate in the change ?

Next November 28th we are launching our great crowdfunding fundraising campaign to support the organizations that work with us.
Each week we will present one to you so you can understand what it does and know exactly what your money will be used for.
It is also you who will decide where you want to invest it and what impact you want have through our project. We will also take you through our entire budget, our destinations, our activities ... to show you that it is possible to travel well without breaking the bank. So you can, by Next, make your your own Eco-Voyage .

The principle : You can give the amount you want and you decide where you invest it. Simple, fast, secure, we will give you a regular update on the progress of the project and we will show you in pictures how your money is made on the ground to make our environment a little better.

Partner associations :
ReforestProject, in a few words
Canarias Libre De Plásticos, to discover
ReforestAction, decryption
CleanDiveTenerife, more information
Cleanwalk_org, upcoming presentation

The counterparties :
For 5, 10, 20 € or even more, replant, clean, reinsert animals and much more, in France and / or abroad. More information to come on our page KKBB

The objective : To finance and promote local actions, in the tourism and environment sectors, as well as listing all the good plans to germinate the Eco-Trotter in each of us.


Who wish to travel far take care of his mount

Jean Racine