Presentation of ReforestProject

An association on the outskirts of Madrid for reforestation


Or, how to become a reforest'acteur ?

It all started a year ago, when a group of friends decided to create an association for to preserve the environment. Their method, reforestation . Therefore, they embark on the adventure of planting trees on the outskirts of Madrid.
And that's where everything comes together. Just a few weeks after the official creation of their association, a first planting campaign (Feb. 2019), near Toledo, then a second, in Segovia and a third. At the time of a new reforestation season 2019-2020, ReforestProject it is almost 900 trees planted with the help of more than 2,500 employees.
Why do communities call on them? "The city and the land are to dry out at a tragic rate, "said one of their interlocutors.
Their wish? Continue to reforest these plots destroyed for various reasons and grow a virtuous flora for local mammals or birds. "They are also tourist areas, where people come to relax and seek a corner of nature ", adds one of the members of the association.

Pines, oaks, ash trees or almond trees, this is an example of the endemic species of the region that ReforestProject plants during its gatherings.
But all this work only makes sense if we take the maximum of precautions so that the forest has stood the test of time.
This is done through a simple policy. By buying trees of good quality (protected origin), certainly more expensive, but of significant size (always greater than 1 meter height). Thus, they are already ready to resist the bad weather of the region. Measures are also taken to minimize the risk of spreading fires, including leaving safety zones, called firewalls, not planted. Still doubts? To be sure they are doing well, the association itself takes care of the maintenance of the forests, in summer, in particular by clearing under the trees, another firefighting parade.

Finally, to finish, we ask you a quick question! At what point in its life does a tree does it absorb the most CO2 ?
When it ages! And yes, the older it is, the more it absorbed. This is why your trees will have an environmental impact more quickly!
So with EcoForTrip we invite you to participate in this beautiful project, by replanting trees and take care of them.

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05/12/19 | By Tristan du Tertre

The datas of the asociation that change everything

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