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Do you want to take part in the sustainability revolution? Together lets change how we travel.

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Always ready, never tired! We are there to give you advice on how to travel in an eco-friendly way. Please feel free to contact us to share your story.
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with new ecological trends, I am at my best when I help you rethink how you travel.

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by nature and our environment, I strive to find evermore responsible and fair deals.

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All’s Well that Starts Well

How to organize your trip ?

To start a trip well, it is better to plan ahead, especially if you dislike uncertainty. But planning does not necessarily mean booking everything six months in advance. Travelling is also about leaving some space to be carried in the unknown, with discoveries and surprises that spice up the journey. The connections we make throughout the adventure or the unexpected places that we stumble upon are often the most vivid memories we bring back home.

First, we must choose a destination depending on the time we have for our trip. A five day holiday is of course too short for New Zealand ... or even Turkey, Morocco and Norway.

Second, you also need to keep an eye on timing. July and August in Bolivia will take you to a flow of tourists. On the other hand, January and February coincides with the rainy season in the region (not so rainy in some years thanks to our good old climate change). If possible, a departure in September or October would be therefore optimal. Otherwise, you may be able to favor another destination. For example, Thailand in August is less touristic.

The resulting price will only be more advantageous for you and the locals. There is less demand and so prices become more accessible. In addition, going there during low season means locals living on tourism have some customers and can therefore live from their activity round the year. Finally, the flora and fauna are much less altered there. Everyone comes out as a winner.

Last point, the expected atmosphere, the language spoken, the culture sought after and your desires from the moment. Europe gives us the chance to have a great diversity of landscapes and cultures within close vicinity. You can start with France for example, with magnificent beaches, world famous mountains and a history sometimes overlooked by the French themselves. Want something different ? Add to that the neighboring countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, England as well as our two French-speaking neighbors, Belgium and Switzerland. You can get great diversity and a change of scenery for a few weeks without necessarily going to the other side of the world.

This trip

will be made ...


7 months, 5 countries. A journey crossing mountains, rivers and oceans. It will be, we assure you, magnificent.

Ways of transport

Trains, boats, bikes ... here's another way to explore the world and its wonders.

Activities & Culture

Trekking, museums, diving, viewpoints, bike ride, high mountain, etc.


Because we can do without big operators, because we don't need to book months in advance, let us show you how you can sleep in amazing places without breaking the bank.

Participatory economy

By you, for you. With KissKissBankBank a participatory kitty had be launched so that you can help preserve our environment.


Each week, we share a summary of the project, its progress as well as tips, info, etc.


Changing how travel is perceived is our goal so the environment we encounter remains respected in its entirety.


At the end of the project, more than 2500 € will have been invested in the local economy, initiatives towards society and the planet will have been supported and a new way of traveling will develop!

Our journey during these few months

The choices made.

The destination was chosen according to the criteria mentioned above.

First of all, we want to sail on the Atlantic. For this, the optimal dates are November to March in Europe and around May-June from the Canaries to return. First, we will leave in January to the Canaries and then perhaps to Cabo Verde, for 4-5 months, and we will return to Europe in May. This allows us to follow mild seasons in winter and come back to Europe for summer. It's a very busy road, we will not have too many problems to hitchhike.

On a 7 months travel itinerary, we have enough time to go to the southern hemisphere, with a boat journey taking two to three weeks one way. On these dates, we will also avoid the ultra-touristic summer season or end of year celebrations. With respect to expenses, a middle ground between fair compensation for the local economy and safeguarding the wallet, are valued at about € 800-900 per month. Naturally, differences may occur depending on the country visited and the activities planned. A trek in the Canaries will cost you less than one in France in a chalet near a national park.

On our side, during the winter, we wanted to go south to avoid the extreme Nordic temperatures. In addition, we will avoid the rainy season if we stay in the Canaries in March and April. Finally, the return to Europe and Spain in May will make us fully benefit from summer on the old continent. A sunny journey awaits us.
More information to come ...

You want to know our detailed budget ?

This excel document to download will be updated in real time to give you an idea of the price of an eco-responsible trip.

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Launch of Eco4Trip project

March 21 is a great day: the official launch of Eco4trip, in English, to help you on your eco-friendly trip. In order to reach more people with our project, we need you: follow us and talk about us around you. Together, we can change habits.

More details to come soon