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Our beliefs, our project and how to spread it to the world, here is our vision of tourism.
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Our project

Driven by our desire to protect the environement, we want to show you that it is possible to travel without destroying our planet.


A last-minute weekend in London, Edinburgh or Rome. An unexpected jump to Berlin or Paris on a low-cost flight. Two weeks in the sun at the other end of the world. Bag on the back or suitcase in the trunk, our desires for new discorveries are more and more accessible.

Idea and concept

However, our escapades have an impact on our planet. Mass tourism pollutes. So how to reconcile traveling with being eco-friendly ? What we suggest here is a meaningful adventure by saving CO², meeting the local population and being financially sustainable.

Setting up

We will try together this challenge of travelling differently. Train journeys, involvement in ecological or humanitarian organizations, discovery of local heritage and territories, we will try our best to make you live an unforgettable parenthesis.


We will go through this adventure together. Eco4Trip will be your guide. How to prepare for your trip? Which transport should you favor? How to get in action? You will find here good addresses, useful links, data to understand the social and environmental impact of this trip.

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We are always open to interesting Eco Trip. Contact us if you have one.

  • In a trip it is not the destination that counts, but always the road traveled, and detours especially.
    Philippe Pollet-Villard
    Writer, scriptwriter
  • To become even wealthier they sheared the Earth, polluted the surrounding air and dried up the rivers. But after about a hundred years some people started to wake up, and they warned them they needed to stop
    Les Cowboys fringants
  • Try and leave this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling (…) you have done your best.
    Sir Robert Baden-Powell
    Founder of the world-wide Boy Scout Movement

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Here you have our complete itinerary, with places where we've been and our next stops.

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Launch of Eco4Trip project

March 21 is a great day: the official launch of Eco4trip, in English, to help you on your eco-friendly trip. In order to reach more people with our project, we need you: follow us and talk about us around you. Together, we can change habits.

Soon more details