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An organization that offers to clean beaches and more

Canarias Libre de Plásticos

Or, how to clean and meet pepople at the same time ?

Spring 2018, when plastic makes headlines around the world and the media begin to evoke this plague which touches the oceans, an association decides to take the things in hand and getting organized to change the game.
Its name: Canarias Libre de Plásticos ! This organization aims to reduce the environmental impact plastic in the Canary Islands. And to do this, it works on 2 axes: action and awareness .
For this, they have set up and identified, on the different islands, several means of action which are conducted to hunt down pollutants.

Organisation of clean beach in the Canarian Islands.
Sensibilisation through environmental workshop animations.
Communication through the socials media.
Participation fairs, events and festivals related to the environment.
Collaboration with research groups.
Promotion of initiatives developed by local governments.
Collaboration with other environmental organizations.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of what the association offers to combat this pollution.

As a second year of cleaning ends, Canarias Libre De Plásticos counts more 40,000 liters of plastic removed from the Canary Islands, with the help of more than 600 volunteers in the few 30 CleanBeach they organized.
Their approach takes another dimension, when it integrates awareness, upstream, of the inhabitants. The saying "prevention is better than cure" is perfectly illustrated here.
It is therefore also and above all more than 1200 children , in 40 centers, sensitized to the marine and plastic pollution plaguing their waters and across the globe.

And every day this growing community ! Today, nearly 10,500 people follow, share and participate in the development of projects led by the association.

So if you want to learn more about them, take an example from their actions and help them in any way, feel free to take a look on their website or on their Instagram.

And of course, if you are going to the Canaries for your next vacation, know that you will be welcome to help clean up the beaches and participate to make this place a little cleaner than when you have arrived.
All events can be found on their site in the "eventos" tab

In the meantime, to support their action, it's here : >> <<

And to go further : Read this article about the maritime pollution and one about the alternatives possible.

12/12/19 | By Tristan du Tertre

The datas of the asociation that change everything

Money reinvested in cleaning
Cleaned beaches
Objective of 100 000 L of garbage