Presentation of Reforest'Action

An organization that offers to plant trees all over the world


Or, how to participe to the reforestation ?

For this organization and its creator, everything begins in Senegal. A first tree planted. A mango tree. Then, upon his return in 2010, as a revelation, he created Reforest’Action and embarks on the restoration of French and then international forests.

The goal through these projects is the reforestation and restoration of ecosystems degraded. In addition, there are many additional benefits, such as the development of income of the most disadvantaged local populations or awareness raising people on the subject of forest preservation.

Their ambition therefore quickly becomes to develop, in the long term, spaces protected forest with a wide variety of species, in order to preserve the current and future health of forests to benefit society.

Their methodology to achieve this? Whether in forest, urban or agricultural, the organization takes care of preparing the seedlings, planting them and finally to maintain them . In France, the seeds used to produce young plants all come from seed orchards, in nurseries. Abroad, they are the most often harvested directly from the field and then grown in nurseries. Then comes the part of the plantation (between 1 to 4 years after the seeds have germinated), at within the plots provided for this purpose, by the technical partners . Out of France, locals take care of it with the help of NGOs, companies or associations local. Finally, in France and abroad, planted trees are regularly monitored with the help of professionals in the forestry sector to ensure their sustainability . In addition, project leaders (individuals and companies) undertake to provide Reforest'Action guarantees on plots reforested for at least 20 years.

Thanks to hard work and clear requirements, Reforest’Action has been, since its creation:
almost 5 million of trees
more than 120,000 planters
2 million people awared of the current issues
30 000 people around the world who have benefited                    projects

Their innovative model in the field allows them to simplify procedures. In the lineage of participative platforms and through the website, individuals and companies plant as many trees as they want and where they want them. It is then with their partners that Reforest’Action takes care of reforesting. They do also sometimes called citizen volunteering on this link.

Not yet convinced to trust them? Know that since 2019 Reforest’Action is certified B Corp. This label is obtained when the activity of a company meets the highest standards in performance, transparency and social and environmental responsibility, recognition of their proper functioning.

With Reforest'Action we can all be actors through their projects, by being owner , buyer , or volunteer .

Why support such actions? Simply because apart from reducing its consumption and its personal and global ecological footprint, the forest remains the best solution to meet the global challenges of today and tomorrow: change climate and the erosion of biodiversity.

So with EcoForTrip we invite you to participate in this beautiful project, by replanting trees and take care of it.

To support their action it is here : >> <<

And to learn more about this organization, go to their website

19/12/19 | By Tristan du Tertre

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